Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Introduction to Quality Engineering

Assalamualaikum and a very good day I wish to all readers.

Hello all, as per promised here is the entry about what I've learn from my studies. I hope it is beneficial to you guys.

Many doesn't truly understand what quality really means. Some says a good item, a branded item, an expensive branding would means quality. In order to indulge you guys with the true insight of quality, lets go through a few definitions first. =D

First, quality is divided into two main components or categories which are product and service. So, there's a lot of dimensions of these product and services and it's totally vary from each other. HOWEVER, the main concept or understanding of quality is "Satisfying the Customer Needs / Customer Satisfaction".

Hence, quality have been summarized in three words "Customer Always Right" which I'm sure everyone is familiar with. But, many agrees that customer doesn't always right and they believed in absolute equivalence where "what u give is what u get" a.k.a "you get what you paid for". So, if your interested in that, wait for my next entries.

Thanks for reading and I hope I manage to give u a better understanding of what quality is. Feel free to comment and add on if you like. Thank You.



  1. bro, I salute you lah! keep it up man. keep it coming okay.
    QE lecturers should be damn proud to have students like you!

  2. haha... thx.. just doing for fun.. I mean, not many ppl truly understand what quality is all about even myself before joining mitec.. thx for the support. =D