Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Topic 1: Quality Dimensions

Assalamualaikum and a very good day fellows readers. How do u like the new look? Better for the eye eh? =D

As I have mentioned before in the previous post, quality dimension have two types; product and services. So today we're gonna discuss what is the Quality Dimensions (QD). Before that, do you still remember the importance of QD? QD will determine the Quality-ness (quality level) of the product or services. The more / better QD satisfied, the high the level of Quality.


  1. Performance: e.g; How fast can a car be? maximum torque?
  2. Features: e.g; This bungalow have an underground parking space.
  3. Conformance: e.g; The specification for the laptop screen is 14.1". If it is 14.1" or within tolerance, it is accepted.
  4. Reliability: e.g; It is written here the battery could last 2 hours. Its been exactly 2 hours and 10 minutes since I used them.
  5. Durability: e.g; The new G-Shock watch is high durable! It is waterproof.
  6. Serviceability: e.g; PROTON cars are very easy to be serviced either in PROTON - approved workshop or a normal workshop would do. Their spare part is easy to be found.
  7. Aesthetics: e.g; one of the great qualities of Iphone is the sleek Apple logo behind it.
  8. Perceived Quality: Customer expectation of the product. e.g; Everyone would agree that NIKE is a quality brand.

  1. Responsiveness: How fast can a waiter notice a new customer came in and service him/her to the table?
  2. Assurance: A good way to ensure the food in a restaurant is clean and healthy is by checking its HALAL certificate and DBKL level of cleanliness (A,B,C & D).
  3. Tangibles: The food served is exactly as the pictures in the menu.
  4. Empathy: Some people are allergic to seafood. Confirming whether its okay to have seafood in the food is a good example.
  5. Reliability: Pizza hut is a good example where the food ordered have a time limit to be delivered. If they failed to comply, a certain consolation will be given.

As I have shown above, there are a few similarities in the dimensions but in overall, product and service have different quality dimensions. Therefore, to boost up your quality level, product or service, just make sure you understood, apply and comply to the QDs.

That's all for now! Hope you have fun learning. Next entry would be a case study on these QDs. =D

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Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Introduction to Quality Engineering

Assalamualaikum and a very good day I wish to all readers.

Hello all, as per promised here is the entry about what I've learn from my studies. I hope it is beneficial to you guys.

Many doesn't truly understand what quality really means. Some says a good item, a branded item, an expensive branding would means quality. In order to indulge you guys with the true insight of quality, lets go through a few definitions first. =D

First, quality is divided into two main components or categories which are product and service. So, there's a lot of dimensions of these product and services and it's totally vary from each other. HOWEVER, the main concept or understanding of quality is "Satisfying the Customer Needs / Customer Satisfaction".

Hence, quality have been summarized in three words "Customer Always Right" which I'm sure everyone is familiar with. But, many agrees that customer doesn't always right and they believed in absolute equivalence where "what u give is what u get" a.k.a "you get what you paid for". So, if your interested in that, wait for my next entries.

Thanks for reading and I hope I manage to give u a better understanding of what quality is. Feel free to comment and add on if you like. Thank You.


First of All....

Assalamualaikum and I wish you a good day ahead dear fellow readers.

As one of the new generation wave, I found that blogging is pretty much fun, useful and complicated. I've once had a personal blog before and I'd say it wasn't all that pretty but I enjoyed it. So, people might wonder what would I post in my blog this time, will it be purely personal again or simply a media to create propaganda so a lot of people would read my blog and I'll become famous. I'd assure you it will not be any of it.

This time around, I would like to try a new approach in blogging. Everyone else have entertainment, socials, politics, business etc in their blog. But I notice, there's very few blog about educations. I wish to go in this new direction where I will share some insight of what I have learn in my pursue of excellence in life and studies.

So, let me get familiar first this new blog and I'll post a few key elements of Bachelor in Quality Engineering.

That's all this time. Have a nice day and Thank You for your time.