Sunday, 18 September 2011

Case Study 1

Assalamualaikum and a very good day I wish to you all.

My apologies for the lateness of this entry. I was so pre-occupied with my student life and wasn't able to find free time. So, here it is and I hope its informative enough. =D

This case study was done by me during my 1st year in MITEC where the research question is "Why Mamak Restaurant is so successful in Malaysia". So, I will further elaborate the case study using the quality dimensions that I have mentioned before.

So, lets break it down to pros (advantages) and cons (disadvantages) of Mamak restaurant.


  1. Responsiveness: The waiters are highly efficient and fast to serve whenever they see a new customer coming in to the restaurant. They have keen eyes which oversees every movement within their zone. Zoning is another reason for the effectiveness where the waiters have zone and will priorities the customers in their zone.
  2. Assurance: Most Mamak restaurant and the one that I did my case study on have a HALAL logo with its certificate and also a Magistrate (Majlis Bandaraya) Cleanliness level. In addition, it is very rarely to find Mamak restaurant that have an C and below cleanliness level. This assures the food and services that they provides are clean and HALAL food which plays a huge role in Malaysia.
  3. Tangibles: Even though what is shown in display might not exactly as what we would received, the taste and quality food is consistent and comparable among all the Mamak restaurant. For example: if you ordered a roti canai in a Mamak restaurant, the tangibles of roti canai would be comparable to any other restaurant such as a Malay restaurant but with a bit distinguished taste so as to preserve originality.
  4. Empathy: The Mamak restaurant that I did the case study have a great empathy skills. The waiters would already recognize me after a few visit and remembers my preferences. As such, if I were to ask recommendation for other food that I haven't tried yet, they would be able to do so. For example: I prefer 1/2 boiled egg to be precisely half-boiled and not overcooked at all. Their waiter would ensure that I have not under or over cooked eggs.

  1. Reliability: Regrettably, Mamak restaurant sometimes failed in this field of quality dimensions. Often, the waiter misheard orders and presents wrong food and sometimes the ordered food are not delivered. I believe this mainly on 2 reasons which are language barrier and they moves too fast till doesn't wait for confirmation.
  2. Hygiene: Some Mamak restaurant have a scheduled cleaning time making the littering uncontrollable sometimes. This is due to the habit of Malaysian that threw rubbish and cigarette butts at the area the sat down. In addition, the customer flow is continuous and provide very little time frame to clean the area. There are also cases where a certain group of people (those who dislikes hairy guys) disagree with Mamak-ians who kept a long  and untidy facial hair.

In conclusion, this is an improvised version of the case study that I made during my 1st year which I will also post later. Thank you for reading. =D


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